Where to Buy Tilsit Cheese?

Published May 9th, 2024 by Reachdigital

If you're a cheese lover who appreciates semi-hard cheese with a creamy texture and a subtle, tangy flavor, Tilsit cheese is a must-try. But its unique origins can make finding it a challenge. If you're wondering where to buy Tilsit cheese, this guide will point you in the right direction.

Best Locations to Purchase Tilsit Cheese

The search for Tilsit cheese can be an exciting journey! From online retailers to local specialty shops, there are a surprising number of places to source this sought-after cheese. Let's explore these locations and discover all the ways you can bring the distinct taste of Tilsit to your cheeseboard.

Local Cheese Shops

When it comes to sourcing Tilsit cheese, your local cheese shop is a fantastic place to start. These specialty stores curate a delicious array of cheeses, often including harder-to-find varieties like Tilsit. Cheesemongers are passionate about their products and can offer insights into Tilsit's unique flavor and origins.

Look for a shop with a well-maintained cheese case, and don't be afraid to ask for a sample! Inquire about the cheese's freshness and perfect pairings. Finding a shop with Tilsit in stock might take a quick phone call, but the personalized experience is well worth the effort.

Supermarkets and Specialty Stores

If you prefer the convenience of finding your cheese alongside the rest of your groceries, supermarkets and specialty stores can be a great option. Look for chains with a reputation for wide selections, like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's.

Explore both the deli counter and the dedicated cheese aisles. Some stores also feature cheese from local dairies, so Tilsit made in your region might be available.

Online Retailers

Online cheese retailers are an excellent choice for convenience and a potentially wider selection. Specialty shops often carry an impressive variety of Tilsit, delivered right to your door.

Before you buy, factor in shipping costs and the retailer's policies regarding perishable items. Check customer reviews to ensure your cheese will arrive fresh and in excellent condition.

Your Favorite Restaurant

Fine dining establishments with exceptional cheese programs can be a surprising source of Tilsit. If you have a favorite restaurant with a stellar reputation for cheese, don't hesitate to ask! They might have Tilsit featured, be willing to special order it, and even let you purchase some for your own cheeseboard creations.

European Markets and Delis

For a taste of Europe and a high chance of finding Tilsit, head to specialty stores focusing on European imports. These shops often boast a wider selection of regional cheeses, allowing you to explore other European delights alongside your Tilsit. It's a fantastic opportunity to expand your cheeseboard horizons and discover new favorites!

Farmers’ Markets

Farmers' markets are a fantastic way to connect with local cheesemakers and discover hidden gems. You may stumble upon a vendor specializing in Tilsit or a beautifully crafted, similar-style cheese. Shopping at the farmers' market means supporting your community's food scene while enjoying the absolute freshest cheese possible.

Direct from the Creamery

This option requires commitment but offers a unique experience. Some creameries making Tilsit or similar cheeses like Havarti may offer direct sales to consumers. Research dairies in your region—you could be rewarded with delicious cheese and an inside look at the cheesemaking process.

Mail Order Clubs

Mail-order cheese clubs add a touch of excitement to your cheese explorations! These curated subscriptions deliver diverse selections from around the globe, and you might just discover a delicious Tilsit surprise in one of your boxes.

Remember, the best way to find your favorite Tilsit source is to get out there and explore! Don't be afraid to ask questions, try new stores, and support your local food scene. With a little effort, you'll soon have the answer to where to buy Tilsit cheese right at your fingertips.

If You Like Tilsit, You’ll Also Love…

Are you captivated by Tilsit's creamy texture, subtle tang, and depth of flavor? The wonderful world of cheese offers several delicious options that share similar characteristics, waiting to be explored! Here are a few recommendations to broaden your cheeseboard horizons:

Young Gouda

Gouda is a Dutch cheese available in a range of ages. Younger Goudas have a creamy texture and mild flavor profile similar to Tilsit, with a hint of caramel sweetness. As your taste buds become more adventurous, explore different ages of Gouda.


This Swiss cheese offers a bit more bite than Tilsit, with a slightly tangy and nutty flavor profile. It's a fantastic melting cheese that is also delicious on a cheese board.


Hailing from Italy, Fontina is a semi-soft cheese with buttery and slightly sweet notes. Its creamy texture and subtle flavor make it an excellent alternative if you enjoy the milder side of Tilsit.


Hailing from Switzerland, Raclette is a semi-hard cheese known for its melty goodness. Like Tilsit, it has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor profile but with a hint of pepper. Raclette shines when melted over roasted vegetables or potatoes.


For a bolder taste experience, consider Munster. This French washed-rind cheese shares Tilsit's creamy texture but delivers a more robust flavor profile with earthy and slightly pungent notes. It's excellent on melted sandwiches or enjoyed with crusty bread.


Finally, Havarti offers the exact mildness of Tilsit cheese with a hint of nuttiness. Like Tilsit, it also pairs beautifully with fruit, crackers, and charcuterie.

Your journey to discover the perfect cheese companion to Tilsit starts now. With so many delicious options to explore, your next cheese board adventure is sure to be a delightful one!

Key Takeaways: Where to Buy Tilsit Cheese

Finding the perfect Tilsit cheese for your needs is an exciting adventure. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping, the personal touch of your local cheese shop, or the thrill of the hunt at a specialty market, the delicious world of Tilsit awaits you.

Now that you're armed with all the best places to find Tilsit cheese, it's time to savor its creamy texture and subtle flavors. Share your Tilsit discovery with friends and fellow cheese enthusiasts!

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