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What is the Minimum Order Requirement for Cases or Pallets?

Ambassador services the wholesale distribution market volume. But we are open to developing relationships that may start small and reach that volume.

Do You Sell Only to Wholesale Distributors and Restaurants?

We can service any organization that has the ability to pick up from our warehouses or can receive delivery of pallets. We are always looking for new partners, so be sure to talk with our team to see if we can accommodate our needs.

Where Can I Find the Prices?

Our prices are dependent on many factors. Please submit a request for more information, and we can assist.

Do You Ship Orders Directly to Customers?

Most of our customers pick up orders at our warehouse. We can also deliver based on volume and location.

What Types of Products Do You Offer?

We offer a breadth of imported cheese, dairy, seafood, vegetable, canned, and meat products. Need something specific? We work with a number of producers around the world and can likely source whatever you need to meet your vision.

Are Your Products High-quality?

We offer only maximum quality foods! Our products include a variety of imported (and some domestic) best-sellers. They’re all certified and third-party audited, so you can rest assured they’re made using the highest quality processes and ingredients available.