Your Complete Guide To Imported Cheese

Published September 8th, 2022 by Ambassador Foods

It’s no secret that cheese is a popular dairy product that people love to eat! They may add it to a platter, top it on a cracker, use it in a sandwich, or snack on it on it’s own. 

There are over 22 billion tons of cheese produced across the globe every year, United States being the leading country in cheese production. 

With that said, the United States still has plenty of  delicous imported cheese coming into the country from all over the world. 

For those of you who enjoy cheese, or are new to the cheese scene, you may have been in some debates about which cheeses are the best. 

So, what is the most popular cheese out there? Here is some notable imported cheeses. 

French Cheese 

France is one of the most popular cheese countries in the world. For those that have been there, you know that the French take pride in the cheese that they produce and serve. 

One of the most popular types of French cheese is the Brie cheese. It is named after the French region where it was created and on its cheese wheels, it has a logo of the Eiffel Tower on it. With that name and that logo, it is hard for this cheese to be mistaken for anything else. 

It has a creamy texture that almost feels like butter. This cheese made of cow’s milk is on the softer side and it is great to serve as part of a charcuterie board. 

Related to the Brie is the Crème cheese. This cheese is another soft cheese coming from cow's milk, only this one has an extra creamy texture to it compared to the Brie cheese. 

Another type of cow's milk cheese from France is the Camembert. Like Brie, this one was named after the origin of the cheese, with Camembert being a part of Normandy. 

It is lower in butterfat compared to Brie, but it also has a moist feel to it. 

Overall, France is the third biggest producer in the world. You are not likely to go wrong with any cheese that originates from there!

Switzerland Cheese 

Another country that has good and reliable cheese is Switzerland. When it comes to Swiss cheese, it is arguably the most popular imported cheese to America. In fact, there were about two and a half more tons of swiss imported to the United States in 2021 than the next highest imported cheese on the list. 

Swiss cheese can also be called or look similar to Emmental cheese. It is a medium or hard cheese that has a color mix between yellow and white. The cheese is known for all of the holes it has in the middle. 

Another type of cheese that you can enjoy from Switzerland is called Appenzeller. This cheese has a firm and hard texture. 

This type of cheese can be a tad spicy. Plus, it's made from raw cow’s milk. Like a lot of other cheeses mentioned, it is named after the region of Switzerland where it was created, Appenzellerland. 

There is no shortage of cheese from Switzerland that you can enjoy. 

Italian Cheese 

Another famous country when it comes to cheese production, is Italy. The country produces some of the finest cheese in the world, including one called Asiago. 

Asiago cheese is similar to the French cheese described above. It has a buttery texture and it goes great with bread and crackers. If you let this type of cheese age a little, you will start to notice a bit of a salty taste. 

Bocconcini cheese is another type of cheese that comes from Italy. This one is known for being a fresh cheese with a very milky flavor to it. It can be a little bit soft but it goes great with a salad. 

German Cheese 

Finally, Germany is one of the best countries when it comes to delicious cheese. This country produces the most cheese in all of Europe and is second in cheese production in the world, only behind the United States. 

Germany has its own style of Brie cheese, with this one known for being a little more earthy. However, it still has that creamy texture and taste that is desired. 

Another notable cheese that comes from Germany is Limburger. This cheese is known for having a very strong and distinguishable smell. This type of cheese is somewhat soft and it can go with food such as bread pretty well. 

Learn More About Imported Cheese 

These are just some of the best countries when it comes to imported cheese. A lot of Europe is very reliable when it comes to producing quality cheese. If you want sheer volume, the United States is tough to beat, considering that it produces twice the volume of cheese as the second highest country. 

Do you want to figure out which country to buy cheese from? How about how to sell it to customers for your business? 

If you said yes to those questions, message us today to see how we can help. 

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