Smoked Sliced Gouda

: 6/1kg

Ammerlander Smoked Gouda, Sliced - a culinary gem hailing from Germany. These perfectly cut slices boast a mesmerizing smoky flavor that adds depth and complexity to your dishes. Enjoy the creamy, melt-in-your-mouth texture and savor the balance of rich, savory notes. Ideal for gourmet sandwiches, charcuterie boards, or as a standout ingredient in your creations. Elevate your culinary experience with Ammerlander Smoked Gouda. Unleash your creativity and delight your taste buds.

Gouda Cheese

: 4/6.5 LBS

From Germany's heartland, Ammerlander Gouda Cheese blends exquisite taste with culinary versatility. Creamy, slightly sweet, and boasting a hint of nuttiness, it effortlessly enhances gourmet sandwiches, pasta, or risottos. Embrace this premium cheese for its all-natural composition and enchanting flavor, and allow your culinary creations to soar. The quality of Ammerlander offers an irresistible draw for discerning chefs and restaurateurs alike.

Fontina Cheese 7oz

: 10/7 oz

Introducing Ammerlander Fontina, a chef's delight. Crafted in Germany, this 7oz chunk of Fontina cheese is a versatile culinary gem. Its creamy and nutty flavor profile adds depth to any dish, whether melted in a gratin, stuffed in ravioli, or paired with charcuterie. Elevate your creations with this high-quality, artisanal cheese that guarantees exceptional taste and texture. Unleash your culinary creativity with Ammerlander Fontina.

Swiss Cheese 7oz

: 10/7 oz

This delectable cheese boasts a nutty, savory profile with a subtle sweetness, making it a favorite among cheese aficionados. Whether you're melting it on a sandwich or incorporating it into a gourmet mac and cheese, the rich and creamy texture of this high-quality cheese enhances every bite. Crafted from the finest milk sourced from the scenic Ammerland region, Ammerlander Swiss Cheese is a versatile and indulgent choice for chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

Gruyere Cheese

: 4/6.61 LB

Crafted in Germany, Ammerlander Gruyere Cheese boasts a rich, nutty profile that adds depth to any dish. Its superb meltability enhances gratins, sandwiches, or fondues, ensuring a standout menu item. Renowned for its consistent quality and bold flavors, this cheese offers culinary professionals a versatile ingredient that resonates with today's food trends. Taste the tradition of excellence with Ammerlander Gruyere

Havarti 7oz

: 10/7 oz

Ammerlander Havarti, a chef's secret ingredient. Made in Germany, this 7oz chunk of Havarti cheese is a true flavor powerhouse. Its smooth, buttery texture and mild, creamy taste make it a versatile companion in the kitchen. Perfect for melting, grilling, or snacking, Ammerlander Havarti adds a touch of elegance to sandwiches, burgers, and cheeseboards. Elevate your culinary creations with this exceptional, artisanal cheese.

Havarti Cheese

: 4/6.5 LB

Ammerlander Havarti Cheese, made in Germany, is a culinary staple with its mild, buttery essence and creamy texture. Ideal for melting, it enhances burgers and savory tarts, while its high butterfat content and tiny eyes make it a versatile choice for cheese boards. Perfectly paired with fruits or crackers, this premium cheese is a must-have for chefs and culinary decision-makers seeking quality and versatility.

Ammerlander Gruyere Cheese

: 2/6.61 LB

Ammerlander Gruyere Cheese, crafted in Germany, is a semi-hard cheese that offers a complex blend of peppery and nutty notes. Its fabulous melting quality makes it a top pick for French Onion Soup or gourmet grilled cheese. A full-flavored profile ensures it stands out on any cheese board or charcuterie platter. A must-have for chefs and culinary decision-makers, this cheese is the epitome of European craftsmanship.

High Cut Swiss Cheese

: 3/8 LB

Ammerlander Swiss Cheese, high-cut with a 4x6 face, is the chef's choice for perfect Cuban sandwiches. Crafted in Germany's Ammerland, this cheese offers a unique blend of nutty and subtly sweet notes. Its high-cut format ensures generous coverage, while its melt-in-your-mouth texture elevates your Cuban sandwich game. Made from premium Ammerland milk, this variation is not just a cheese—it's the key to unlocking culinary excellence in every bite.

Swiss Cheese

: 4/6.5 LB

Ammerlander Swiss Cheese, crafted in Germany's picturesque Ammerland, is a culinary staple for discerning chefs and restaurateurs. Its nuanced blend of nutty and subtly sweet flavors makes it a versatile choice for gourmet recipes or upscale snacking. With a creamy texture from premium Ammerland milk, this cheese excels in melting applications, making it ideal for high-end grilled cheese or sophisticated mac and cheese dishes. A must-have for any kitchen, it embodies quality and rich flavor.

Fontina Cheese

: 2/6.5 LB

Ammerlander Fontina Cheese, meticulously crafted in Germany, is a culinary staple for those who appreciate creamy, slightly nutty flavors. With a delicate aroma, this premium cheese is perfect for gourmet sandwiches and paninis, or as a melting star in pasta dishes. Pair it with crusty bread or honey for a delightful fusion of flavors. Rich in essential nutrients, it's a versatile choice for chefs and culinary decision-makers.

Swiss Cheese Euro Block

: 1/33 lb

Unlock the possibilities with Ammerlander Swiss Cheese, a versatile culinary gem from Germany. This 33-pound block is perfect for industrial use, allowing you to slice, grate, and even create custom-sized loaves to suit your culinary creations. Experience the smooth, creamy texture and rich, nutty flavor that will elevate your dishes to new heights. Let your creativity flourish with Ammerlander Swiss Cheese, the go-to choice for chefs seeking excellence in their craft.

Smoked Gouda Half Loaf

: 4/3.3 lb

Discover the irresistible flavor of Ammerlander Smoked Gouda, meticulously crafted in Germany. This premium cheese delivers a harmonious blend of smoky and creamy notes, creating a truly delectable experience. Perfect for adding a smoky twist to sandwiches, melting over burgers, or incorporating into flavorful mac and cheese recipes. Elevate your culinary creations with the exceptional quality and rich flavor of Ammerlander Smoked Gouda Half Loaf.

Swiss Cheese

: 2/6.5 LB

Introducing Ammerlander Swiss Cheese, the epitome of Swiss cheese craftsmanship. Made in Germany's picturesque Ammerland region, this cheese delights with its nutty, savory flavor and subtle sweetness. Versatile and irresistible, it adds a delightful touch to sandwiches, fondues, and savory dishes. Crafted with high-quality milk, Ammerlander Swiss Cheese brings a creamy richness that leaves a lasting impression. Elevate your culinary creations with this exceptional cheese.

Butterkase 7oz

: 10/7 oz

Experience the indulgence of Ammerlander Butterkase, a culinary delight crafted in Germany. This 7oz chunk of Butterkase cheese showcases a rich, creamy flavor with a subtle hint of buttery goodness. Its smooth and velvety texture makes it a dream to melt, making it perfect for gratins, fondues, and sandwiches. Elevate your dishes with the exquisite taste of Ammerlander Butterkase. Unleash your creativity in the kitchen and delight your taste buds.

Edam Cheese

: 4/6.5 lb

Ammerlander Edam Cheese is a culinary gem from Germany that delights with its mellow, savory, and slightly salty flavor. Made from partially-skimmed milk, this pale yellow cheese boasts a nutty undertone and a deliciously mild taste. With its lower fat content and traditional Dutch flavor profile, it satisfies the discerning palates of chefs seeking a versatile cheese. Add a touch of sophistication to sandwiches, salads, and cheese boards with Ammerlander Edam Cheese.

Gouda Cheese

: 4/6.5 LB

Treat your palate to Ammerlander Gouda Cheese, a German-crafted delight. Its creamy, buttery essence reveals a hint of nuttiness, perfect for sandwiches, burgers, or cheese board pairings. A robust, yet creamier iteration of traditional Gouda, it enriches any culinary venture with exceptional quality and taste.

Sliced Gouda Cheese

: 6/1 KG

Pre-sliced for convenience, Ammerlander Gouda Cheese, handcrafted in Germany, elevates your culinary prowess. Its dense yet creamy profile, laced with subtle nutty hints, enhances sandwiches, tops burgers, and adorns cheese boards with finesse. A superior variant of typical Gouda, it sets the standard in quality and flavor.

Sliced Grandamer Cheese

: 6/1 KG

Indulge in the irresistible This peppery, nutty and earthy flavors of Ammerlander's sliced Grandamer cheese, meticulously crafted in Germany from the finest milk, full flavored cheese has a semi-hard texture and elevate your culinary creations with its exceptional taste; perfect for adding depth and richness to sandwiches, salads, and cheeseboards, this versatile gruyere-style cheese brings a touch of European cheese tradition to every bite. fabulous melting quality.

Sliced Havarti Cheese

: 6/1 KG

Ammerlander Sliced Havarti Cheese, meticulously crafted in Germany, tempts with a butterfat-rich, creamy texture and mellow flavor. The subtle eyes within its smooth body add a touch of intrigue. Whether used in sandwiches, melted over burgers, or paired with spicy sides, its fresh flavor transforms dishes with superior quality and taste.

Sliced Swiss Cheese

: 6/1 KG

Ammerlander Swiss Cheese is not only a culinary delight but also a cost-saving option for chefs. With its pre-sliced format, you can easily portion and use only what you need, reducing waste and maximizing efficiency in your kitchen. Experience the premium quality and distinctive flavor of this nutty, savory cheese while enjoying the convenience and cost-effectiveness it brings to your culinary creations. Elevate your dishes and save on preparation time with Ammerlander Sliced Swiss Cheese.

Sliced Fontina Cheese

: 6/1 KG

Ammerlander Fontina Cheese now comes in convenient pre-sliced packs, crafted in Germany for the busy chef. Each slice offers a creamy, slightly nutty flavor and a delicate aroma that's perfect for quick gourmet sandwiches or paninis. Melt it effortlessly into pasta dishes or pair with honey for a fusion of flavors. Nutrient-rich and versatile, it's the time-saving choice for culinary decision-makers.

Shredded Smoked Gouda

: 6/1kg

Ammerlander Shredded Smoked Gouda, a German delicacy, intertwines smoky sophistication with creamy indulgence. This pre-shredded convenience enhances a broad spectrum of dishes - from appetizers to mains, delivering a taste of authentic German artisanry. A hint of nuttiness underscores the smoky profile, captivating chefs and culinary connoisseurs. Amplify your menu with this exceptional ingredient and ignite a sensory journey in every bite.

Salted Butter

: 40/250g

Indulge in the luscious richness of Ammerlander Salted Butter. With a remarkable butter fat content of 82%, this German-made butter is a chef's delight. Its velvety texture and savory salted flavor elevate every recipe to new heights. Whether you're spreading it on warm bread or using it to create decadent pastries, Ammerlander Salted Butter is a must-have ingredient for culinary perfection. Experience the exceptional quality and taste of this premium butter.

Unsalted Butter

: 40/250g

Discover the pure indulgence of Ammerlander Unsalted Butter, crafted with precision in Germany. With its creamy texture and velvety mouthfeel, this premium butter enhances the natural flavors of your culinary creations. From flaky pastries to silky sauces, Ammerlander Unsalted Butter adds richness and depth to every dish. Elevate your cooking and baking with the exquisite taste and superior quality of this exceptional ingredient. Unleash your culinary creativity with Ammerlander Unsalted Butter.