4 Month Manchego Wheel

: 2/7 LB

Crafted from the finest milk of Manchego sheep, Santa Marta Manchego is a testament to artisanal excellence. Our time-honored methods blended with modern technology create a PDO-certified Manchego with enhanced character. Delight in its floral aroma and delicate, nutty flavor—a true embodiment of this iconic Spanish cheese. Perfect for chefs and culinary professionals seeking the epitome of quality and taste.

6 Month Manchego Wheel

: 2/7 LB

Crafted in Spain, this premium Manchego cheese is a testament to tradition and innovation. Made exclusively from high-quality milk sourced from Manchego sheep, this PDO-certified cheese offers exceptional character. With a delicate floral aroma and a subtle nutty flavor, it embodies the essence of this Spanish classic. Ideal for culinary professionals seeking a milder yet distinctive cheese to elevate their dishes with a touch of Spanish excellence.

Experience the delightful taste of Santa Marta 4 Month Meseta Sheep Cheese, a Spanish treasure. With its smooth texture and rich, nutty flavor, this cheese delights the palate. Perfect for cheese platters, pairings with honey or figs, or as a standout ingredient in recipes. Discover the exceptional quality of 4 Month Meseta Sheep Cheese and let it transport you to the flavors of Spain.