Savor the authentic taste of Spain with Muhlenhof Sliced Meseta Sheeps Cheese. This artisanal delight, crafted with traditional methods, brings you distinct, robust flavor, accented with a savory, tangy finish. Perfect for culinary professionals looking to enhance their menu or food service portfolios with premium, import quality cheese.

High Cut Swiss Cheese

: 3/8 LB

Transform your culinary offerings with Muhlenhof High Cut Swiss Cheese. Crafted in Germany, this artisanal cheese features a rich, nutty flavor and a creamy texture, perfect for discerning palates. Its high-cut format ensures generous coverage, ideal for gourmet sandwiches or luxurious fondues. Made from premium, grass-fed cow's milk, it's a versatile staple that adds complexity to cheese boards and charcuterie platters alike.

Fontina Cheese

: 8/3.3 LB

Muhlenhof Fontina Cheese from Germany is a true delight for the taste buds. This creamy and sharp cheese is a versatile ingredient that pairs perfectly with both beer and liquor. Elevate your culinary creations with the exceptional flavor of Muhlenhof Fontina Cheese, a favorite among chefs and culinary connoisseurs.

Gouda Cheese Half Loaf

: 8/3.3 LB

Indulge in the delectable flavor of Muhlenhof Gouda Cheese Half Loaf. Crafted in Germany, this cheese combines the best of Dutch tradition with a touch of German influence. With its buttery richness and dense texture, it offers a more robust profile than traditional Gouda, yet maintains a creamy interior. Perfect for melting, grating, or enjoying on its own, Muhlenhof Gouda is a versatile delight for chefs seeking culinary excellence.

Swiss Cheese Half Loaf

: 8/3.3 LB

Meet Muhlenhof Swiss Cheese Half Loaf, your next kitchen staple. Crafted in Germany, this artisanal cheese offers a rich, nutty essence and creamy texture that chefs crave. Ideal for snacking or as a sandwich star, its melting qualities also make it a fondue favorite. Made from premium grass-fed cow's milk, it's the versatile choice for cheese boards and beyond.

Havarti Cheese Half Loaf

: 8/3.3 LB

Muhlenhof Havarti Cheese is a creamy and indulgent delight made in Germany. Crafted with a high butterfat content, it boasts a rich, velvety texture and is studded with tiny eyes. Its mellow and fresh flavor is the perfect companion for a variety of dishes. Whether used in sandwiches, melted in gratins, or enjoyed on a cheese board, Muhlenhof Havarti Cheese is a true favorite among cheese lovers.