Red Wax Edam Ball

: 6/1 LB

Classic Dutch Edam from Mill Dance is made in the finest European tradition, with a mellow, savory and slightly salty flavor profile. This semi-hard cheese is known for its distinctive red wax coating, which encases a pale yellow interior made from fresh cows milk. Matured from a few weeks to several months, the aging process allows Edam to develop complex flavor profiles, from nutty to herbaceous.

Red Wax Gouda Wheel

: 1/10 LB

Mill Dance Red Wax Gouda Wheel, the epitome of Dutch cheese craftsmanship, delights with its rich history and timeless flavor. Crafted using traditional methods and adorned with the iconic red wax coating, this mellow cheese offers a savory, slightly salty, and nutty profile. With a pale yellow interior and a velvety, buttery finish, it's the perfect choice for culinary artisans seeking to elevate their creations.

Sliced Smoked Cheese

: 6/1.5

Crafted in Germany, Mill Dance Smoked Cheese slices offer a tapestry of flavor for the culinary artist. With a creamy texture and a subtle smoky zest, this cheese is a versatile delight for restaurant owners and food connoisseurs. Enhance your dishes with a touch of European excellence, and let the robust taste of Mill Dance elevate your cuisine.