Serrano Ham

: 1/13 LB

El Cerro Serrano Ham, crafted in Spain, delights with its mild flavor, inviting aroma, and tender texture. This versatile ham is perfect for a variety of culinary creations. Thinly sliced for charcuterie boards, folded into sandwiches, or added to savory dishes, El Cerro Serrano Ham adds a touch of Spanish authenticity to your creations. Elevate your cuisine with the exquisite taste of this premium Serrano Ham.

Serrano Deli Loaf

: 1/10LB

El Cerro's boneless Serrano Deli Loaf, crafted from Spain's finest pork, offers rich, delicate flavor and zero waste. Perfect for tapas, croquetas, tortillas or inventive stews, it's a versatile choice that meets modern culinary trends for quality, unique meats. Easy storage and preparation make it an ideal, mouth-watering addition to any deli or kitchen