Stuffed Grape Leaves

: 6/4.4 LB

A true Mediterranean indulgence, each large green vine leaf envelopes a generous and healthy mixture of chopped onions, rice and spices. Traditionally known as dolmades, this delicacy is made from leaves direct from the famed Aegean vineyards. Hearty grape leaves are enjoyed right from the can, as an appetizer or as a creative addition to an olive bar.

Atalanta's Large Pitted Kalamata Olives, hailing from Greece, are a staple for food industry connoisseurs. Brined in a blend of vinegar and olive oil, these olives impart a rich, tangy essence with a fruity undertone and a hint of sea salt. Ideal for enhancing salads, pasta, pizzas, or antipasti, they encapsulate the vibrant spirit of Greek culinary tradition, making them a must-have for restaurant menus.

Bulgarian Feta Cheese

: 12/7 oz

Crafted in the heart of Bulgaria, Atalanta Bulgarian Feta Cheese is a culinary masterpiece for chefs and restaurateurs. Renowned for its rich, tangy taste and creamy texture, this authentic cheese enhances any dish. Ideal for discerning culinary professionals, it promises consistency in quality and flavor. Elevate your menu with this versatile, high-quality ingredient, perfect for a range of culinary creations.

Unlock the secret to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine with Atalanta Bulgarian Sheep Milk Feta Cheese. Crafted in Bulgaria, this feta offers a creamy yet crumbly texture and a tangy, rich flavor. Ideal for salads, pastas, and artisanal pizzas, it's a versatile staple that adds a unique, authentic touch. Rich in nutrients and high in demand, it's the perfect addition to any chef's gourmet repertoire.

Havarti with Dill

: 1/9 lb

Atalanta Havarti with Dill is a Danish delight that will elevate your culinary creations. Crafted with care, this creamy Havarti cheese is infused with aromatic dill, adding a refreshing and herbaceous flavor. Perfect for sandwiches, cheese platters, or melting into gourmet dishes. Made in Denmark, this high-quality cheese embodies the essence of Scandinavian craftsmanship. Taste the excellence of Atalanta Havarti with Dill and enhance your culinary masterpieces.

Saganaki Cheese

: 2/5.5 lb

Experience the authentic taste of Atalanta Kefalotyri Cheese, the perfect ingredient for creating classic Greek saganaki dishes. Crafted with expertise, this flavorful cheese brings the essence of Greece to your culinary creations. Whether you're frying up crispy saganaki or adding a rich, tangy twist to your favorite recipes, Atalanta Kefalotyri Cheese delivers an irresistible flavor profile. Elevate your Greek cuisine with Atalanta Kefalotyri Cheese, the secret to a truly authentic saganaki experience.

Halloumi Cheese

: 12/8.8 OZ

Unearth the Mediterranean secret with Atalanta Halloumi Cheese, crafted in Cyprus from sheep milk. This semi-hard, dense cheese offers a salty-tangy kick, ideal for grilling, frying, or baking. Perfect as a meat alternative or a unique cheese board addition, its high melting point ensures it holds shape in kebabs or skewers. Pair it with herbs, fruits, or tangy dressings to diversify your menu and captivate your diners.